Services Overview

Development Services

We offer development services for a multitude of technologies, including but not limited to, system applications, web based applications, mobile applications and databases. We are technology agnostic and can provide development services for almost every technology and under any platform. Our Development Services can be utilized based on the following

Add on Project Management Services

Whether you require resources long term or short term, we have the flexibility and talent to accommodate your resource needs.

Assurance and Testing Services

We offer automated and manual testing services. Software testing provides the “assurance” that a system is ready for unfettered operations. Any bug or vulnerability in the system can result in loss of trust, confidence and customer loyalty. It is critical that a system goes through rigorous testing and performance evaluation. Unfortunately, sometimes this aspect is overlooked by project leaders and planners. They consider QA to be least important activity and might overlook the advantages and benefits that it can bring to the software development process.

We believe that getting the QA team involved in the initial requirement gathering and review phase helps to identify early design flaws and gaps in requirement. Experienced QA professionals bring their own unique view and perspective into the requirements review process and can identify the high number of possibilities that exist in any single business process component. They can raise questions which help the project leaders and planners to correct the course before it’s too late.

We have an expert and dedicated QA Team, which has a wide skill set on manual and automated testing and are well versed in STLC (Software testing life cycle.) We can provide short term and long term QA services based on client needs. We apply proven system testing techniques and methodologies. Clients can be assured of complete transparency in the validation process performed by our testing team. We understand how important it is for clients to have software free of bugs and ensure that the software being tested meets all the requirements of the client.

We can perform manual testing or use our automation expertise. Regardless of what testing approaches our clients pick, all of our tests have clear objectives and are defined and documented to meet our client’s needs. Thorough documentation and well defined test objectives make it possible for our tests to be executed correctly regardless of who performs them. Our engineers are working with the most popular test automation tools in use today as well as custom developed test automation solutions.

Data Science and BI Services

We can help in improving your Business Intelligence.

A4 Technology also provides data conversion services, processing and analytics services which can help our clients make much more informed decisions. This is besides the basic data services that is provided by us.

We can convert any kind of data, reports into the desired format. We can help you to store, search and retrieve digital versions of any document, at anytime and anywhere. We also offer customized reporting solutions based on our client’s needs.

Our Ways of Working

Any new system, application or website needs a thorough analysis of what is needed for your business, its strategic direction, and opportunities that can be leveraged to meet the stated strategic goals.

We focus on understanding the needs of your business and in the process, conduct a full System Overview & Analysis (SOvA) to achieve a complete understanding of Application Portfolio and the related Ecosystem.

We have proven expertise with relevant experience to help our clients in analyzing and designing systems that meet their requirements.

We look at the business objectives and convert them into a working business solution.

We are adept at following best practices in collecting and gathering requirements, documenting, designing and creating a blueprint for the system to be built.